S&P 500 Prediction – March 31, 2016

Good evening Constant Reader: I think the system is starting to correct after the Fed’s “kick” the other day. My sources with the tin foil hats say tomorrow should close somewhere between 2052.24 (-0.57%) and 2071.38 (+0.36%). If you’re feeling adventurous, there is a tighter range that is also possible, but I am slightly less confident in it. The closing … More S&P 500 Prediction – March 31, 2016

S&P 500 Results & Prediction – March 30, 2016

Good evening Constant Reader: March 29 saw the market react to Chair Yellen’s comments in a predictably unpredictable way. The SPX closed at 2055.01 (+0.88%). For March 30, I see two possible ranges. The first is very tight, and while within probabilistic parameters of where we are on the RHS of the larger probability wave, I … More S&P 500 Results & Prediction – March 30, 2016

S&P 500 Prediction – March 29, 2016

UPDATE: I gave futures prices instead of SPX. Apologies. Corrected prices for SPX below. Good evening Constant Reader: Tight prediction for the SPX‘s close tomorrow: 2029.93 (-0.35%) to 2037.56 (+0.02%) There is a small chance that it could blow past this floor. If this happens, I predict a safety net at 2017.83 (-0.94%).